Tree expertise from creation to sales

Our advice, our rootstocks, our grafted fruit plants STAR EXPORT varieties are first and foremost the fruit of the know-how of our member nurserymen/women, who have been working for 3 generations to select varieties adapted to the needs of our customers and to produce generous, certified and virus-free trees in France..

Our entire team is at your disposal to advise you on the varieties best suited to your climatic conditions on rootstocks selected for their best compatibility with different types of soil.

At the heart of a network of expertise

We also benefit from the expertise of the entire network of partners within which we have been operating for over 50 years:

  • a global network of variety breeders and a European network of variety assessors, worked on by our historic sister company: STAR FRUITS, the variety publisher
  • a network of sales representatives established in our destination countries, who are specialists in the needs of their markets: countries in the Mediterranean basin, Europe, Central Asia and the Middle East.

Experts in commercial, administrative and logistical procedures in Mediterranean countries and further afield

Thanks to our experience and our network of representatives in the field, we can handle all the administrative, customs and logistical procedures for our customers, ensuring that the plant material arrives at its destination under the best possible conditions, in compliance with the administrative and health constraints of each country.

We transport our fruit trees by road, sea or air, selecting our logistics partners and ensuring that transport conditions are respected (controlled temperature) to guarantee that the plant material is in excellent condition when it arrives at our customers’ premises.

Our brand new site at La Tuilerie, which is also STAR GROUP’s head office, with over 3,500 m² of refrigeration space, also provides us with optimum conditions for storing and guaranteeing the quality of our plant material.

Our roots

STAR EXPORT was set up more than 50 years ago, on the initiative of one of the founding members of the nurserymen’s group: DEMOL nurseries, now known as STAR PMP and part of STAR GROUP, following Pierre DEMOL’s retirement. DEMOL nurseries were pioneers in the development of export markets, in particular as rootstock producers.

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